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    Water Heater Maintenance


    Water heater maintenance is important for several reasons:

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    Strange noises coming from the unit, decreased hot water supply, discolored or smelly water, leaks around the unit and the age of the unit

    There are some maintenance tasks that can be performed yourself however it is recommended to have a professional inspect and maintain your water heater once a year to extend the life

    If you notice a leak, turn off the power supply and the water supply to the unit.  Call Delponte Plumbing as soon as possible

    It is recommended to flush your water heater once a year to remove sediment and mineral build up

    The anode rod is a sacrificial metal rod that is designed to attract corrosive elements in the water to protect the tank from rusting.  It is recommended to check the anode rode once a year and replace once it is more than 50% corroded

    The average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years but with proper maintenance it can last longer

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